Sunday, August 3, 2008

Three Fleece Bag

Some of the bags of raw wool that were for sale at the fair. Yummy stuff !

Some long time reader's may remember that I bought some raw fleece at last year's County Fair - three different colors to be exact. I sent it all to Thirteen Mile Lamb & Wool Company in Belgrade, Montana to be cleaned & made into roving. My goal was to make something from the cleaned fleece to enter into this year's fair - and here it is - my "3 Fleece Bag". Completed just in time! The dimensions are 14" X 9" x 4" (35.56 cm X 22.86 cm X 10.16 cm)

The bag has two rather distinct sides. At first I was really not overly pleased with this piece. I still think I could have/should have made it better - but there IS plenty of roving left to make several more of these in varying shapes and sizes - and I have gradually come to like it quite well. My initial plan was to use just the three colors of wool - but I found that I was so used to using more color in my work that I had to allow myself a bit of leeway in to be happy in the making. So, I used several more, relatively discreet colors - while still trying to have the 3 fleece colors be the main focal points.

I had the most fun beading this bag - I think, more so than in other bags, the beading was really a necessary element. As with most beading projects - I could have kept beading forever! I added beaded tassels to the top and bottom edges - I like the way the sound when the bag is moved.

Side One with a close up

Side Two with a close up
The lining - a piece of my hand dyed fabric that seemed to work quite well.
Close up of one of the ends
Another end

Close up of some of some beading and the braided cording for the handle


Sue B said...

Marie this is a beautiful bag, the beading looks great!

Karoda said...

hi marie, glad you're feeling better.

i always tell myself to enter something into the fair but i never do...always miss the deadline is the main problem.

you'll have to get a picture of your bag on display!

jenclair said...

Just beautiful, Marie!

Sandy said...

It's a wonderful use of your fleece. I love your bags.

Micki said...

Love the bag. It's so fun and whimsical. said...

Marie, that is the neatest bag!

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