Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Pen House

One of the more relaxing things I am working on at the moment is this little 'pen house'. I recently mentioned my revived fascination with fountain pens & I decided that they must have a suitably fashionable (and protective) little 'house'. Doing embroidery on felt is a lovely thing to do - relaxing & rather rhythmic. For this piece I am using both regular sashiko thread (the variegated) as well as standard embroidery thread - used 3 ply rather than 6 (the solids) in a simple back stitch. I am designing as I go - following the suggestions of the felt. Ultimately this will have a lime green cloth covered elastic that will fit nicely around the Moleskine journal that I use -- which is why there will not be too much embroidery along the back area where the elastic will be attached.

Happily, this bit of hand embroidery has also gotten me back on track with hand applique & I have given myself a deadline of 2010 to finish my Batik Baltimore Beauty. At this point in time I am really liking slow cloth. Slow cloth is good for my soul !

1 comment:

Vicki W said...

Wow, your embroidery is looking great on that!

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