Wednesday, August 13, 2008


While we were in Seattle I had this 'chop' made for myself. My Father gave me one of these many years ago and it, along with many other "memory bites", was lost along the way. The blocks of stone feature the Chinese 'animal years'. I am a Rabbit year - so this stone is adorned with one of those loppy eared little fellows - though it is not the best of carvings I like it quite well. I like the way my initials were carved and, although I did not buy the traditional red ink, it works well with an ink pad. I have yet to figure out the best approach for using it with paint. More experimentation is needed! Any suggestions? These little treasure boxes are always fun as well!


Vicki W said...

Very cool! You must sign all of your notes and letters with this from now on.

Micki said...

That is so lovely. Have you tried to just barely dab the paint on the chop using a foam brush and then printing?

Fannie said...

Chop, chop! A new treasure! Nice.

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