Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jammin' Again

This was how I spent most of yesterday. Making Blueberry jam. Just as I left for the APNQ show I had picked up 10 pounds of berries but it had been SO hot (in the 90's) that I had not felt much like getting the canning pot out! Yesterday, however, the weather cooled & I felt that I had to to take advantage of it and get the berries made into jam. They probably would not waited much longer anyway! This particular jam seems to be a favorite among all of my friends - not to mention DH! I use lime juice in the recipe and s bit of grated orange peel. The ten pounds of berries yielded 36 half pint (0.2366 liters) jars of fabulous jam. I always seem to have good luck with this jam too - unlike my peach jam which never seems to set quite right. The nectarine jam was fine this year though. Go figure. Half of my strawberry jam this year was a waste - too runny - but that was my own fault. I tried to hurry & runny jam was the result. Thankfully half (the first half!) came out well. I may make some Blackberry jam later in the season - if we manage to go and pick them - but otherwise this is the end of my jams for the year...... I was sure grateful for the cooler weather!


Vicki W said...

Yuuuummmmmm! Some day I want to start doing some canning and making jam. No time right now, but someday.

Lisa Walton said...

Yum - it has been a lifetime since I made my own preserves but you have made my mouth water.

Karoda said...

Hi Marie, I've been intending to let you know that I cooked a plum tart using the recipe you posted a few weeks ago. Since then I've also made it with peaches and added a vanilla flavoring and a little grand mariner (not sure i spelled that right) but i love the recpe!

Nathalie G. said...

What a work !

La Tea Dah said...

So. . .would you share your recipe for blueberry jam? It sounds SO good with that lime juice and grated orange peel. Is it a "Marie Trade Secret"????



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