Monday, August 18, 2008

A Few Fair Favorites

I did not take as many photos at the Fair as I usually do because I was, simply, too dang hot to haul out my camera. Pitifully wimpy I know ! There were a few favorites, however, that I did get some photos of & I will be sharing those over the day day or so. You'll be bored of my favorites soon!

This stunning scarf was made by Sheila Metcalf. I had trouble linking to a page that shows some of Sheila's work - but if you go to the link that I did use - click on artists and you will find her. I have to say that most all of her work enchants me - but this scarf, aside from being incredibly beautiful holds a message. She wove the scarf to match the graph shown in the next photo. Amazing!
Here is one of her woven jackets. Oh ! There are times when I do wish I was wealthy - because I would have asked to buy this piece in a heart beat. I am ot sure how she managed to get that intricate pattern into the warp - it's a magical piece....and, as you can perhaps tell by the ribbon, won Best In Show!

I love socks - and I am a slow, but diligent, sock knitter. These were made by sock making champ Jo Critchlow....the woman that I told you knits a pair of socks a week.
The socks in the photo below are my favorites ! I almost snatched them up !
This is one of the baby sweaters that Jo knits from the left over sock yarns she accumulates. Sorry it's such an odd angle - but it was the only was I could get a shot .. had to stand on tip toes to get this ! These are the cutest sweaters .... I want everyone to donate left over yarn to Jo !

Well - I am off to make some ham - HAVE to make the jam before the berries are beyond their usable life! Thankfully, the weather is cooler today after some spectacular - and very unusual for our area - thunderstorms late yesterday ! Happy Monday everyone. Enjoy this day and cherish the moments!

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