Saturday, July 12, 2008

Visual Journal Pages

This Journal Page was about the early departure of the hummingbirds this year.
I used fabric, paper cut out, and painted my little hummer friend.

It's been one of those periods in life when I feel like I am working more than ever but accomplishing far less then I would like to! I get really frustrated when I don't have time to FINISH something without a million interruptions. I also get edgy when I don't have time to just daydream and play. Hence, the recent funk I think! I am thoroughly enjoying my class, 'Studio Journals: A Designer's Workhorse' with Sharon Boggins (through Joggles). I am not following the lessons exactly but am using some of the techniques in a way that suits me. Sharon always comes up with fun ways to do things and she gives you so much wonderful information. It's takes some time to absorb it all and figure out how to make the techniques "your own". My friend, Lauren, is always telling me that I tend to read directions only as a last resort - and I tend to suspect that she's right - and also that this applies to artistic instruction as well! If you have ever thought about taking a class with Sharon - run, don't walk - to sign up for one! I can't wait for more!

This Page is because I have been enjoying watching so many butterflies this year....
and because I love the combination of pink and gray !

For this page I was just playing with bold color and cut outs.
Childish fun that I can't get enough of !

More paper cut out fun ... on a background that had been lingering, unused , for too long!


StegArt said...

I love your little hummingbird. And the colors on your butterfly page are gorgeous.

sandra wyman said...

This all looks really promising, Marie - for someone in a bit of a funk you're doing pretty well, I'd say. Me, I'm in a panic - still have 3 quilts to finish before the end of the month (though 2 are almost there, my JQ still needs lots of work!). Mind you it doesn't help that Django's going through a really sentimental patch and tries to lie on each quilt as I'm quilting it! FMQ on something weighed down by a cat is no fun at all.

Deb Lacativa said...

Your hummingbirds left early? (beautiful piece, btw) and I have so few at all.

Jim says they aren't coming to the feeder because there are so many things in blossom. I feel...shadows.

If they are adjusting to the climate swings, I hope they are fat and happy elsewhere.

Sandy said...

Wonderful pages. I'm taking the class too, but my pages arent's as lush.

jenclair said...

These are beautiful, Marie. Love the hummingbirds, of course; my mother loved them so. I'm also very drawn to the graphic red and black...I believe that one is my favorite.

La Tea Dah said...

Amazing. . .stunning. . .beautiful. . .especially love the hummingbird piece. But oh, that cat is darling too.

You are having a wonderful, creative time!


natural redhead said...

Beautiful creations. I feel particularly attracted to your hummingbird page, with birch or aspen tree in the background. You have such appealing talent.

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