Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I'm In A Felting Frame Of Mind

I have been working a felted piece that will soon be a large bag - using the fleece I got from the County Fair last year. Hopefully, I will have the base fabric finished this week and it will be ready for quilting - which I am really looking forward to. In the meantime, I've pulled out a couple of felt pieces I made some time ago. It's time to make them into bags. The top piece sings to me because of the colors and I think it is the perfect background for some serious free motion quilting! The bottom piece is just so striking (I love black backgrounds!) that I think it's time to be 'bagged' has also arrived. Of course using some of these pieces means that I will get to play and make some more to have on hand ... Yeah!

I've been in sort of funk this last week- not really much of a down kind of funk - just one of those times when I don't feel like I am accomplishing what I want to. I feel like I need to step back from "have to's" and just play for awhile without worrying about outcomes or dead lines .. .....well except for the piece that has to be done for the Fair next month! Do you ever have those days when you feel like screaming or crying - but (thankfully) there is no good reason to do either?!! I'll just blame it on the planets and move on!


StegArt said...

Looking good!

Sue B said...

Love love love that top piece!

Lisa Walton said...

So sorry you are in a funk (great word). Your bag is going to be beautiful. I adore those colours and the little dots really make it special. Cheer up
love lisa

jenclair said...

I love both of these pieces and can't wait to see the bags!

Micki said...

These are both beautiful. Can't wait to see the bags you make from them.

Cellostitcher said...

What gorgeous felted pieces. I look forward to seeing them 'bagged'.

I too have those days when a good scream or cry would not go amiss but thankfully like you there is no good reason and they are few and far between. I always blame it on the weather!

I really enjoy visiting your blog.


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