Sunday, July 20, 2008

TIF Challenge : July

This month's "Take It Further Challenge" catch phrase was 'What does it mean to be at the half way mark'? One can take that in so many ways. Half way through the day, the year, the hour, your life, the project, dinner, the movie. We are almost always half way through - or have half way begun - with one thing or another. I wrote 'Half way from one thing is half way towards another. No matter where you go there you are.' I do know that I am hoping that this monthly challenge will continue past this first year - I have found it to most enjoyable and would miss it very much if, in another half, we were to discontinue the monthly practice.

I should have known that something was amiss with me last week when I came home from work & slept three hours only to get up for two hours & scurry back to bed. I should have known the following day when I was staring at my computer screen at work and the words got fuzzy & I wanted to sleep so badly. I should have known when I was dizzy enough that I considered getting a ride home rather than driving myself. Next day I stayed home from work, and, rather then be smart enough to cave in by myself and call the doctor, I waited until DH made me call while he stood there to make sure that I did! I should have known. Temperature, dizzyness (some would say that I am always a bit dizzy I suppose) - the usual URI, sinus infection & bad asthma flare. After a few days of prednisone & antibiotics, and should I add, a lot of extra sleep, I am beginning to feel like something other than an attached part of the bed clothes! I wonder how old I will have to be until I allow myself to accept that when things go awry my body tells me the tale - I just have to accept what it is telling me sooner than I do!


Vicki W said...

Glad you are feeling better! We will never learn to listen to our bodies. If I had I would not have taken the prednisone after the first day last week.

sandra wyman said...

Thank goodness you got medical attention! Take note in future! When you feel like that you are ILL, and at the very least you need to rest and not keep going (I ignored such advice once and ended up ill for five years with ME/CFS so I know what I'm talking about) Make sure you are well again before going back to work. Anyway, good to hear the mystery's solved and you're on the mend at last.

Jeannie said...

One of the hardest things to learn is your body knows best. No matter how hard we try to ignore it, suck it up, or push through, the body will smack us upside the head and tell us to rest and take care of ourselves. We listen, until the next time:-) Take care. Cheers.

Sandy said...

The TIF is wonderful.
Take care of yourself. I,too, try to ignore problems.

Melinda Cornish said...

I hate being sick too! I am glad you are getting better, that means you make more stuff and I get to look at it...Melinda

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