Monday, July 7, 2008

Small Bouquets: One To Keep & One To Enjoy Now

I love applique. I love flowers. It seemed natural therefore to render a small bouquet into an appliqued interpretation. Not quite the same I guess - but okay. I may do another version ; painted first and then appliqued & quilted. Just the small project for a summer day!

Yesterday I made 48 jars of strawberry jam. Today, much to my dismay, I have discovered that some of the jam has not properly set. I just don't have the energy to reprocess it all. Yesterday, all day, waqs spent in a steamy, I don't want to re-do it now! I am just going to relax and spend today being happy...and using some of the non-set jam on a nice piece of toast!


Laura said...

I love your appliqued bouquet. Yummy colors!

jenclair said...

The appliqu├ęd piece is lovely! The real bouquet is beautiful, too!

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