Friday, June 6, 2008

Mercury IS Retrograde Plus Some Photos

"Chance" attacks a post - or is he admiring the bleeding hearts?!
One of my summer time favorites
Here is that awesome orchid I got for my birthday! What a color !

Mercury is retrograde from May 26th through June 19th. There is a plethora of information about this roughly thrice yearly phenomena on the web. In general, however, a mercury retrograde can really impact communications, and information processing & distribution. It can cause communications errors and business deals & negotiations of all kinds can easily go awry. Glitches in transportation, phones (communication) and computers (again communication) can all get "twitchy" during a retrograde. Generally it is not thought to be a good time to close deals, make important decisions, start new projects (quilting and art included) or do things that require perfect mental clarity. I am a rank beginner when it comes to this sort of stuff - but I definitely have found that mercury retrogrades can and DO throw monkey wrenches into plans and can make life irritating for the duration. Certainly many readers of this blog know way more about retrogrades than I do !

Case in point for me . My computer, which NEVER gives me any trouble (it's a Mac) EVER, has been acting really weird at times this week. One night I was panicking -thinking that I might really have a serious problem. It was late though so I decided to go to bed and look at it again in the morning before I left for work when my mind was fresh. Sure enough, in the morning, it worked perfectly. This afternoon, I ordered a pizza to pick up on the way home. When I got home DH asked "no pizza?". I had completely forgotten to pick it up! Yikes maybe I should not be admitting to such memory lapses! I think I was too much in a rush to get home on a Friday afternoon ! We have been having a really cool, rainy week. It's been 48F (8.888C) in the morning - talk about a "mercury retrograde" weather!!!

Here's to a wonderful, safe, happy, calm weekend for us all ! I should have lots more art related things to share this weekend.


imquilternity said...

LOVE, love, love the color of that orchid!

Exuberant Color said...

Maybe that is what happened to my internet connection this week. For 3 days in a row it got slower and slower and then was disconnected for several hours. When I called in about it they didn't show any outages on the board.

Anonymous said...

I washed the car and left the hose running on the ground. Overnight! My DH couldn't figure where the 400 gallons of missing water in out tank went. I decided not to tell him.
Some things are better left unknown.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

thanks for the heads up on mercury.

what a beautiful cat - ORANGE! as you know some of my favorite cats have been orange cats.

I've had weird internet stuff going on too!

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