Monday, May 12, 2008

Spring May Have arrived

This week I am beginning to think that Spring may have finally arrived here in the Pacific Northwest. I have had doors & windows open for the first time this year & it is also
the first time that I have comfortably worn short sleeves all day.

I have been busy as a scurrying ant this weekend. I am ALMOST done with my quilt top - it's l-a-r-g-e! I spent all day yesterday working on it - and should, I hope, be able to finish it off today - then I'll need to "true" it all up & get the backing measured, cut and sewn. after that I will gather the things I will need next week for the lecture on Tuesday. I am hoping that I will have a little time to sit and day dream too - sit in the SUN I mean ! Meanwhile, the evenings have allowed me to make significant progress on the largest , and most humdrum, part of the knitting for the Einstein Coat. I think it will really be nice - and I may be happy that I elected to follow the pattern !More on both of these endeavors soon. Have a happy day!

1 comment:

sandra wyman said...

Hope you get some nice sunshine soon; we have something like a heatwave (for Britain) over here though it's cooler this evening. We seem to have missed out spring and have gone straight to summer - cats lolling about everywhere!

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