Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Soggy Start To Boating Season

Today marks the official opening of "boating season" in our neck of the woods. It's dreary, rainy and cool. Sun is promised for later in the day and, hopefully, tomorrow. Although I have almost always lived near the water (more often than not on islands), I am not much of a boat person . I would be miserable out on the water on a day like this. I prefer the quiet of hearth , home & drier land. I have no fear of the air - that's probably why I enjoyed being a pilot - but I have a deep fear of being lost on the water - or worse. Funny how we all have such distinct references. Wet or dry - I hope this will be a happy weekend for all!


imquilternity said...

What a beautiful and serene picture. I, too, have that fear of being lost on the water even though I LOVE being in the water (I'm a pisces). Anyway, hope you got some sunshine today!

Judy Scott said...

lovely to hear from you again, lovely shot but the sky does look really heavy, we get alot of skies like that! made me think of all those different lives living on the boats in the harbour, wonder what they all do and if the quilt!!!

Have a fab day
love Judy x

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