Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Karyn Gartel's Mixed Media Landscape Class : Lesson 3

This week's lesson plans for the two online classes I am taking came in yesterday. I was a little behind the power curve today - but did manage to finish Karyn Gartel's Lesson 3 today. As usual for me, I did not follow the directions to the letter, but am, none-the-less, happy with the way this is turning out thus far. I am adding some new, fun techniques to my repertoire and am really learning to totally enjoy mixed media. I will be trying to finish the lesson from Paulette Insall's "All About Faces" class in the next couple of days. I am signed up for her backgrounds class in May and have my heart set on taking a class from Sharon Boggin through Joggles later this summer! Pay day is coming - and then I can sign up! I am, truly, enjoying these classes so much !
In this photo you can see part of an air sectional map I used under the paint.
Karyn's techniques are really very effective.


Sue B said...

Great colors in this Marie, can't wait to see it finished.

Shonna said...

I'm in both of your classes! I love your landscape; it looks really cool! - Shonna

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