Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hummers Back In Full

We have close to our full summer time complement of hummers now. At peak season we have 5 quart sized feeders up & they are drained by these hungry babies every day! Right now we have 3.5 quarts available & they are going through two full and part of the third in day. All of this hunger and there is SNOW in the forecast for tomorrow and Saturday. Go figure ! I always worry about them in such cold - even though I know how tenacious and hearty they are.


Deb Lacativa said...

I was told to take the perch off my hummingbird feeders because if the temperature drops and they perch while feeding, their metabolism can crash.

I actually picked one up from the ground thinking it was dead. No bigger than a peanut with feathers on it. I brought it inside to show my son and the warmth of my hand brought the little bugger around!! His angry beak was poking out the circle of my thumb and forefinger, beady little eyes flashing. We went outside, I opened my hand and he was off like a shot.
It was quite amazing.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

how marvelous! these are the only time of 'hummers' I like to see zipping around. hummingbirds aren't nearly as common in my neck of the woods as in yours (unfortunately we have way too many car hummers - given their fuel inefficiency & basic aggressive looking style, I say what's with that!?)

snow in your forecast! too much. but as you said these little guys will be okay - and they can count on marie to have fuel on hand to help keep them warm!

we went from winter feeling to summer feeling this week - but I expect we'll get back to winter at least one more time before the end of may!

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