Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Weekend of Not

It's the weekend of not because I decided to "not" this weekend. I felt like I needed some down time - with no pressure to accomplish anything that I did not feel "caw-led" to work on. Maybe not the best choice right now since my commitment list is long & some deadlines loom. I trust that the commitment list will all fall into place more easily however since I have elected to "not".

Early in the year one of the promises that I made to myself was to teach myself more about block carving. I have never really done any carving (other than two small pieces some months ago) & I wanted to try my hand at some more. As with most things, I think it's matter of practice in order to learn! I admire Elin Waterston and have been enjoying her blog where she has been showing her completed carvings - at the rate of one a day since the beginning of the year. So today I decided that I wanted to try my hand at carving a crow - and I am happy with the results. Happy enough that I hope to do some more of them while I tarry this weekend in 'not land'. I most definitely have birds on the mind lately!


Terry said...

Your crow is WONDERFUL!

Elin said...

I agree with's wonderful and I love it!

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