Friday, March 21, 2008

Fabulous Transfer Technique

I am excited to soon be taking a class from Paulette Insall. Teri Stegmiller introduced me to the work of this talented artist and I was happy to snag a spot for the class. Although class does not begin until March 31 I have been enjoying learning about fellow class-mates through their introductions. Claudine Hellmuth is one artists in the class. She has a fabulous blog - and I found this video of her demonstrating her transfer technique using Adirondack Dabbers.

I think that having the ability to learn things from so many talented people is one of the things I love the most about the internet. I am especially fond of the things to be found on YouTube. I remember when I friend at work first discovered YouTube. He was so excited about it & I wondered why anyone would want to watch other people's little video clips. I am now as excited about it as he was - now I get it !!


claudine hellmuth said...

hi there! so glad you liked the technique! Isn't YouTube great!!

StegArt said...

Enjoyed the video. I am looking forward to the class...see you there.

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