Monday, March 24, 2008

Take It Further Challenge March

I have to admit that I was more challenged that usual with this color scheme. I liked the theme though - noticing the little things - the details of life. My first thought was of orchids. These incredible plants that almost grow from air. Their colors reminded me of the challenge colors- and I also liked the fact orchids contain so many special, beautiful, small details. I tried out other themes and nothing really struck me - nothing else seemed to fit once I had orchids on my mind. I used canvas, paint,inks and papers to make this interpretation of March's theme. This challenge is so good for sparking imagination !

The palette we were to use is on top in this picture.

This was one I rejected....still on the orchid idea - but a colored block pront. I think I just went too fast on this one - It could have worked I suppose.


Vicki W said...

Marie, I love how this turned out!

Sue B said...

This looks great! and I love that block print.

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