Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Books I Just HAD To Have

I have been trying to be responsible and not exercise my plastic power, but since I had to order some birthday presents anyway I decided to get two of the books that have been on my "must own" list. "uniquely Felt" by Christine White is a book that I originally requested through Inter Library Loan. Thankfully, my local library, knowing well my addiction to felting books, ordered it for their collection. I have taken it out and renewed it innumerable times - to the point that I was feeling guilty about always having it out. I would return it on time- and then hurry back in to see if it was still available before taking it out once again ! I finally decided that I had to OWN the book! This book is an absolutely invaluable resource for anyone who is interested in the various, amazing methods of felts and felting. The instructions for each process are clear and extremely well illustrated. From Nuno felted scarves to felted flowers; this is a must have book for any felt addict.

Ruth Issett's books are always on my list. Her books never disappoint me. This book concentrates on how to build texture and depth to fabrics by the use of paints and patterns. Ruth goes over different paints and mediums and lists the advantages - as well as the disadvantages- of each. The illustrations are rich and well done . I consider this a process book with lots of eye candy.

One of my day dreams is to be a crafting book reviewer....or else to have a carte blanche to be able to buy every book on my Amazon list - and then some that I don't even know about yet ! Any publishers out there who want to help me out of my misery?!


StegArt said...

I, too, wish I could just freely buy all the books on my Amazon wish list. Sigh! I've had Ruth's book on my list for some time now. So you recommend it huh?

NeedleFeltingFans.com said...

Marie, I am so envious! I have 'Uniquely Felt' on my wish list too. I'm so glad to hear you are enjoying it and good to hear your personal review on it too. Thanks!!!

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