Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Peach Of An Almost Local Yarn Shop

photo above is a partial view of the specialty thread section

One of my favorite off island stops is a yarn shop. It's on the mainland in Anacortes Washington. Anacortes is one of my favorite mainland towns.... and if I was ever going to move it would be a highly desirable place to consider (but it is expensive). We are blessed to have a wonderful yarn shop on our island but Anacrossstitch is really a treat. The owner, Kristy, bought the shop from longtime owner, Lois, late last year. Lois is still very active in her old haunt though - as an instructor. Kristy has managed to quickly turn the shop into a knitter's dream come true. She stocks all of the latest & greatest yarns; has many great class offerings (which I wish I could participate in more easily!); stocks all kinds of needles & crochet hooks in all of the needed sizes ; AND boasts a vast selection of embellishment "gotta haves" - threads , beads & buttons to dream about! I can never leave without finding something that I just have to have! Naturally, Janet, Jan & I just had to make a brief stop there on Monday when we went for the glass bead foray. I restrained myself though and only got one skein of dreamy Debby Bliss Alpaca Silk for a hand warmer, a circular needle that I lacked & a magazine with an article on entrelac socks (that I may well not be ready for yet - but they sure are beautiful!!).
Above shows the fabulous entry.
Here is intrepid owner, Kristy, no doubt placing ANOTHER order of the latest yarns on the market! I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of something I just HAVE to try - Flat Feet Sock Yarn from
Another view of the amply stocked, color loaded shelves.
Is there any way a normal person could resist these colors and textures?? No !
And I wonder why I have become such a knitting fool ! Who would a'thunk that you really can teach an ole' gal (me) new tricks?!! Thanks dear Sarah for setting on this feckless path to knitting addiction! I always have a great time whenever I visit this wonderful shop - the folks who work there are always welcoming, helpful and knowledgeable - and well, you can see for yourself how I just get lost amongst the shelves !
Happy fibering; knitting, quilting & felting to all !


Sue B said...

oh gosh I could spend hours and lots of $$ in there!

StegArt said...

Wow, I'd love to go shopping there.

jenclair said...

This does look like a treat -- for the eyes and for the hands!

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