Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

One who knows
all about you
& loves you
just the same..."
Elbert Hubbard
This morning DH surprised me with Dove DARK chocolate (yes, I am a chocolate snob), flowers & a sweet card in which he enclosed the little poem above. I think it is a perfect sentiment. He is, certainly, my best friend simply by way of being with me day in and day out - and he knows my angels as well as my demons. My closest friends know those sides of me as well ! I have been 'blog blessed' to have developed some cyber friendships that are, truly, meaningful. Although you cyber friends cannot know the sunshine and shadows that are my life, you are an important part of my life none-the-less.
Kim, who has one of my favorite blogs, presented us with the "Biggest Heart Award". I love the graphic and will happily display it. My friends are the people who give me the gift of lessons of the heart - because of my friends (both cyber and real) I have grown and begun to flouish - albeit at a later age than many ! Thank you Kim, for including me on your blog roll. I am honored.Kim's is one blog that I look forward to every day - there is always something inspirational on her pages. I would like to do as Kim did & pass this lovely "heart award" along to those who are on my "Eye Candy" blog roll - please display this beautiful graphic if you would like - and know that your blogs enrich my day.
I am blessed by the love of dh, of course, and by the many blessings that friendship brings. Thank you all! Happy Valentine's Day - from the heart.


Waltraud said...

Wish you also a Happy Valentine Day!

sandra wyman said...

What beautiful thoughts. Many thanks for this.
Rest assured - those who develop late often develop best - at least I hope so as this applies to me too!
Happy Valentines day!

kimy said...

such truth in this little poem. dh is special indeed! thanks so much for the kind words regarding the mouse. I am moved and honored.

next week I will be meeting a couple of my blog buddies when I travel to metro dc to visit my parents. I love when I make contact with cyber friends - the circles grow, the wheels turn.

this fall I plan to head out to the pnw perhaps our paths will cross too! reality and magic are the same - it's just making things happen!

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