Friday, January 4, 2008

Through A Window Lightly

This is what I see over my sewing machine - a small window on the world areound me. A microcosm of sorts. Little scraps of projects and color samples that surround my view of the tree tops and sky. At this time of year the tree tops are bending in the in the wind and the skies are terminally gray, but it's still nice to be able to look up and day dream of the sunnier skies that I'll be seeing from this window soon. In the summer I generally have to block the hot sun from coming in full force - I like the way I can change , or colorize, the light with different "shades".

This week I have been teaching myself how to do "Domino" knitting (aka modular knitting ) - so I'll have some "knitterly" posts coming up for the weekend. It has definite possibilities !Happy Friday to all ! Be well and Be creative !

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