Thursday, January 3, 2008

Make My Day Award

Gunnel & Verbodie sent me this award. I apologize to them both for taking this long to thank them for their kind thoughts and for taking the time to always check my blog and, best of all, to send me notes! I love the notes !

It touches me because when I began this blog I never thought that anyone would really read it. Now, I am attached to it and enjoy the friends I have made through it so very much. The caveat is to pass this along to people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel happy about being a member of the blogging community! The recommended number is ten. I'll add : Sandra,Vicki, Sue, Sarah,Kathy,Wanda,Kim, Jenclair,Waltraud, Lynn. Some of you may have had this already - and if so, please feel no pressure to participate yet again !


Sue B said...

Well thank you very much!

Waltraud said...

Hi Marie, thank you so much for this nice award!

kimy said...

congratulations! thank you for bringing beauty into the world - and those make our days out here in your cyberhood!

and thank you for sharing the award with me. namaste, kim

kimy said...

ps marie thought I'd give you the head's up the link you have for jenclair doesn't take us to her blog - missing the middle bit! I was just clicking through the other folks - wow!!!! so much inspiration out there!!!! I really loved checking eveyone's blogs out - the circle grows and grows. thanks again. xxxxkim

kimy said...

p.p.s. also something's missing from the links to waltraud & sarah's sites - but I got to waltraud's blog from her comment. okay I think that's it! ;)

sandra wyman said...

Thanks so much Marie! Will act on this as soon as I can stop sniffling and coughing long enough to concentrate (the hot toddy didn't quite work but was most enjoyable)

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