Monday, January 7, 2008

Textile Hardeners

I have been trying out various methods of textile hardening. I am SO desirous of taking a class with Lisa Klakulak to learn some of her techniques with felts. Her felted bags just make me swoon! She uses shellac flakes in her work and I was not yet quite ready to try that out yet. The GAC400 works really well though. The photos above is a knitted, felted bowl that is now hardened sufficiently to seriously contain whatever I put in it. I made the bottom of the bowl very hard (you can knock it on a counter kind of hard) and watered the solution down a bit so that the sides are hardened but still retain the feel of knitted felt - actually a fulled knit rather than a true felt. I have been experimenting with various amounts of the solution for different effects. I really like this product. Next I will try to use it on a true felted vessel and see how it works... and I will report on the experiments here. I have applied for a scholarship for one of Lisa's workshops - so I am asking for all of your good thoughts that I will be the lucky person who gets chosen ! Then I can learn about how she uses shellac flakes for hardening - as well as all of the other things I want to know about !


Waltraud said...

Hi Marie,
I looked at Lisa`s hompage, such wonderful things. You can be lucky to be in a class of her.
Your feltet bowl is beautiful!

StegArt said...

Good luck, good luck, good luck....can you feel it?

Micki said...

I hope you get the scholarship. You do fantastic work now, I can only imagine what you will be capable of afterwards.

jenclair said...

I'm working my way backward on missed posts, can you tell? Love the bowl and am wishing you the scholarship!

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