Sunday, January 6, 2008

Saturday With Friends

I had a lovely relaxing sew day with friends yesterday. Sometimes you just need to talk and get caught up- and that's what we did a lot of ! It's good to be with people who have known you for quite awhile - it ups the comfort level in sharing news of our lives. Our hostess with the mostest made a delectable cauliflower-cheese soup for lunch; complete with sour dough rolls and ooey gooey brownies (complements of her DH). I want the soup recipe ! Her DH and I talked about cameras & lenses & then he most generously lent me my favorite lens to play with. I seriously NEED this lens! It's perfect for what I like to photograph the most! It's on my birthday list now ! Look at all of that light in the workroom ... and space! J worked on a fabulous knitted cowl in some Oh ! So Soft ! Mountain Colors yarn. MJ worked on a vexing pillow case form. LP was sewing on a Christmas piece that highlights the spitting image of her DH. I did some FMQ on my tree study for the larger piece that is to come & JC was working on a fabulous color wheel .. what a cool idea ! It was a day of friendship& creativity.
Here is our hostess and her most recent work - she says it's taking a long time - but it's fabulous ! I especially like the shape of it - long and narrow.
Below is portion of my favorite quilt that she has made. It makes me smile broadly every time I see it. I have the pattern and I need to really get in gear and make my own version - since it seems to fit our household so well ! Maybe I need to just go more often to admire it in her house - mine will never be this good !
Thanks to ALL of my friends both near, far & farthest (cyber space) for enriching my life and always encouraging me in my own artistic endeavors. Without all of you I might have never had the determination to keep growing and trying new things ! Thank You !


Vicki W said...

What an awesome sewing room! Sewing is such a solitary activity that it's a real treat to ahve a day like you did yesterday!

sandra wyman said...

Love the quilts (and as vicki says the sewing oom). Especially the cat quilt! Strange coincidence - have just spent the day working on the first stage of a group quilts with friends with a hostess who cooked for us and made sourdough bread (the same who got chased by wild turkeys near Friday Harbour!)
What a strange world full of coincidences. Here's to all friends - cyber and otherwise!

Shannon said...

Gorgeous results and what a lovely way to spend a day.

jenclair said...

No coincidence that you liked the cat quilt, eh? Looks like a lovely and productive afternoon!

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