Friday, December 21, 2007

Vintage Quilts At The LaConner Quilt Museum

The second floor at the LaConner Quilt Musem was dedication to a vintage quilt collection. Perfect for me - since vintage quilts are favorites for me. The fan quilt was truly wonderful. The fan blocks were only about 5 inches and the background was a wonderful 30's warm yellow. It was in excellent condition.
I thought that this Sunbonnet Sue was especially fun all in red. Lots of cute details.
This excellently crafted DWR was made in , I think, 1987 .... it shows amazing skill.

The star quilt below was truly spectacular - thought the lighting left a bit to be desired. I was grateful that photography was allowed at all. This masterpiece was made in 1840 - and it too is in great conditions - just a few age apots and some wear near the center of the star. These quilts were a treat !

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Gunnels blog said...

these vintage quilts are so wonderful!

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