Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sunset On The Shortest Day

The photo shows how the sky looked at the close of the shortest day of the year. Today I am looking forward to three more minutes of light - well.... the light will be there somewhere I know - but maybe I won't be able to see it ! Friday was a fairly nice nice day with mild temperatures (if you call 38F (3.33C) mild) and glimpses of sun. This morning I woke up to pelting rain & strong winds. I think we have had about a half inch (1.27cm) of rain since last night. I feel sorry for the folks who are traveling for the holidays today but I suspect that skiers and snow boarders will be smiling broadly since there is lots of snow in the mountains for them! Happy weekend to you all - and to all of you in the land down under - enjoy your warmth !

1 comment:

Gunnels blog said...

Yes, now we are wating for the light! Here in Sweden we have so grey weather, everyday now. No snow, and no sun.......only grey! But now the the days will be longer, and longer!!!!

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