Sunday, December 2, 2007

Snow & Rain

My little guardian angel was gazing at the snow that was falling yesterday. This morning she is dripping with rain - lots of rain. Inland, the skiers will no doubt be ecstatic since there is likely lots of snow falling and the ski resorts are all beginning to open for business. Yesterday I finished a up a birthday gift for a friend - and as soon as I have some decent light I'll take photos of it. I started working on another small project in the evening. It was nice to just putz around with no plan or "have to". Today, I am hoping to complete the top of an art quilt I started some time ago....amongst the "need to do's" of home and hearth....and that will probably entail cleaning up wet paw prints ! Happy weekend to all!


sandra wyman said...

No wet pawprints here: the rain is so bad that even Django refused to go out in it, all-weather cat though he normally is, and opted for the litter-tray instead (ugh!)

jenclair said...

:) Wet paw prints, huh? Me, too, but only one set of paws here. I'm busy picking up leaves that blow in when the door is open, though. Wet and windy here with no chance of snow; but winter will be welcome when it finally quits dragging its feet and makes it down here to the South.

Glad you had time to enjoy putzing around with no plans or have to's!

Waltraud said...

Your little angel is so cute. We have also rainy, cold and windy (?) days here.

La Tea Dah said...

Are you safe after the storm? Thought of you and decided to check and make sure.

It's warm, breezy, sunny, and spring-like today ---- but it sure wasn't two days ago! What contrast!

Yesterday I had to wait in line on the highway for 30 minutes. A semi had been blown over by a gust of wind (is that possible?).


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