Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Work on "The Face"

I am finally making a bit of headway on this piece. AS I previously mentioned, I dyed the background fabric with turmeric and tea - and I love the mellowness and the parchment effect I got ! The face has been cropped. The tiny blue piping has been added - despite the fact that I could not locate my Susan Cleveland "Piping Hot Binding" tool which can make these little sparks of color so much easier to handle! It's "hiding" somewhere in this morass called a work area ! Today, I will add the borders. Then - yippee- my favorite part ! FMQ ! Ordered some new threads to try and am waiting impatiently for them to get here. I vacillate between liking the piece and not liking it. I think that the other things I have planned will tip the balance to my liking it. I seem to always go through a stage of doubt about whatever it is I am working on. I wonder if everyone, no matter who famous they are, does something like this?


sandra wyman said...

Looking good!

I know what you mean about that period of doubt - I always have it (at the moment I'm not sure I like my journal quilt - too late for regrets as Houston have it) - think it comes of seeing it too close for too long!

jenclair said...

Looking Good! Love the touch of blue piping.

Waltraud said...

I know also these periods of doubt - but I think this piece ( this face ) is so beautiful!

Exuberant Color said...

Oh, yes I think we all have the periods of doubt. I will be so happy about a piece and look at it the next day and let "nagging little inner voice" rip it apart.

Karen said...

Here too. The doubt that ones work is truly awful. One of the reasons I like the blogging is the usually positive feedback one gets. A boost now and then can mean so much.
I think your face is lovely. I really like the color you achieved with the dyes. The touch of blue in the piping is perfect!

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