Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Wisdom from Blum's Almanac

Here is a photo of my Vitiman E addicted perfectly kittenish 19 year old Odie.
Not much new from me today. It's a rainy work day and I would rather be home painting. Yesterday I added hair to my fabric painting - and pondered the finer points of a fine nap!

A friend sent me this article called from Blum's Farmer's Almanac. It's a column by "Mrs. Blum".
I particularly like these comments Mr.s Blum makes about our modern lifestyle:

1. We have taller buildings and narrower points of view.
2. We have multiplied our possessions but reduced our values.
3. We talk too much, love too little and criticize too often.


Sue B said...

What a beautiful face he has and boy has Mrs Blum hit the nail on the head or what :)

sandra wyman said...

Have to agree with Mrs Blum. Isn't Odie a handsome boy - lovely picture! Oh and I like your new blog style.

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