Sunday, October 14, 2007

Reynola Pakusich Overlapping Circles Class

Today , 17 of us took a class called "OverLapping Circles"with Reynola Pakusich. The photo above shows Reynola explaining the process. Paper template, freezer paper template in reverse - so that you can iron the freezer paper to the back of your fabric piece. Lots of letters, numbers and registration marks. Not my particular favorite method - but I live by circles and so I was game. Photo below is of one of Reynola's finished pieces. It is a fun, small project and I will finish it. Have some ideas for the borders and embellishments - so why not get it done? I am chomping at the bit to get my thus far nameless face done too.

All of the photos below are of today's "works in progress" - just pinned to the template - no sewing done on any of the at this point. I apologize that the color is so off on some of them. I tried correcting - but for some odd reason (operator error perhaps?!) I had not saved the changes the correct way. Can you guess which of the ones below is mine ????????????


Granny Fran said...

I'm glad you commented on my long horn cowboys so that I had a chance to look at your blog. I've never been fortunate to see the Pacific Northwest but the photos of it are wonderful. All areas have their own beauty.
Love the circle quilts from the class.
Interested in your sketches of the Carrion Plant flower; a neighbor gave me a plant last summer and his and mine bloomed, but I had mine in a north window of the sun porch this summer and it hasn't bloomed. I need to do more research on what it needs. The flowers were gorgeous, and did smell awful, the flies loved them.

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Well normally I would have guessed anything with cheddar (first photo on right) or killer green (none!), but then I remembered you said something about Hawaiian fabrics.....teeleee! I love it!

Everyone looks so good in the photos... I forget where the meeting was held.... at the senior center? Doesn't look like Skagit college, or anywhere else that I recognize...

Liz's quilt is beautiful, and Trish is still slim....SUPER HOORAY for her! there a fee for your neoCounter?

Hugs, Sarah

La Tea Dah said...

I understand better now. Seeing the pattern/diagram and the pinned on pieces helped alot. How was the actual stitching done? My mother would have stitched in the fold, hem-stitching everything. I imagine there is a machine technique instead? It sounds like an excellent class!


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