Saturday, October 13, 2007

Guild's Annual Meeting

We had the annual meeting for our local Guild, Rainshadow Quilting Arts, today. Thanks to the efforts if a wonderful board we had a great year that was filled with classes and "sewcials".
Below are outgoing president, Julie Ross, on the left and incoming president, Julia Carlson on the right.
We had a "show and tell" of course ! Below is Liz Pillow with the incredible "Indian Basket" pattern she made this year. What an amazing job she did on it !
Next we had newsletter editor, Judy Packard, showing off her very fun circle quilt, Judy is also a very experienced knitter
Here is nurse extraordinaire, Trish Lehman, showing off her grandmother's flower garden - all hand done - all vintage blocks and HAND quilting. There is quite an elaborate story behind these blocks too - but I'd have to have all of the facts straight before I told the tale !
Tomorrow we will all enjoy a class with Reynola Pakusich.


verobirdie said...

Ladies, you've done beautiful quilts. They are amazing.
Would love to hear the story about the flower garden...

QuiltingFitzy said...

I love the circle quilt and those darn quilt patty hexagons keep calling out to me every time I enter my studio. I've gotten good going in with my fingers in my ears!

Thanks for sharing.

Waltraud said...

Wonderful quilts, I am sure you had a great day with your quilt-friends.

La Tea Dah said...

Beautiful quilts, especially the Indian basket one.


La Tea Dah said...

I have a grandmother's garden quilt top that is all hand-done but was never completed. It belonged to a neighbor's mother who passed away. I feel fortunate to have it and would like to finish it, but am uncertain as to how to complete the edges. It's all 'jagged' because of the hexagon shapes of the blocks. Can your recommend a book or a place online that might help me?

I've enjoyed visiting your blog this evening. Very inspirational! Thank you!


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