Monday, October 22, 2007

Museum of Glass: Part 1

Getting to visit the Museum of Glass was really a highlight of this little trip. I can't begin to explain how truly awesome it was. I have a love for glass working and was, at one time, a hot glass artist wanna be. I suppose I am still the wanna be - I love the process of working with kiln fired glass and making lamp worked beads was probably the most mystical thing I have ever experienced. I would dearly love to have a studio set up with a torch and tanks - I could make beads all the time....really. I could ! The photo above is taken of the Museum from the street. The photo below is the walkway to the museum that begins at the Washington State History Museum and Union Station.

The two photos above are of sections of the ceiling of the canopy along the walkway. It was mesmerizing ! I could have spent a lot of time lying on the ground looking up - but I am sure that it would have occasioned stares and I did not want to embarrass my friend!! There are also display cases under the canopy that house an amazing variety of fantastical glass work. Vessels, bowls,cupids and sea creatures - all fashioned out of gleaming magical glass. The last photo on this page is one of the cherubs. The two stanchions are composed of 'boulders' of glass - simply amazing work ! The birds seem to like the shelter that the crevasses offer. I could easily have spent a couple of hours 'oohing' & ' ahhhing' over just this small canopy of world class art - but it was raining and cold - so we hurried on into the museum. There will be a second part of this museum post tomorrow.....


La Tea Dah said...

Wow! I love all the pictures and information about the 'glass' museum. It's something new to put on my 'to do' list. Absolutely beautiful!

The snow? Can you believe it? I understand Snoqualmie had 6" last week-end. We didn't have quite so much. We are directly diagonal to you, and about as far away as we can get without leaving the state (near Oregon and Idaho).

So nice to hear from you!

Sue B said...

Oh my gosh what a cool place to visit. I would have loved that place.

Lindi said...

How beautiful and amazing! Light, colour, pattern, texture...what more could you want! I love glass, too, and would love to try working with it but can't find anyone to teach me. I look forward to more pics.

dinahmow said...

Hello! I haven't stopped here for ages, though I do try to wing by when time allows.
What a lovely break you've had.Good creative fuel, yes?

Waltraud said...

Glass is not my favourite material, but when I see these beatiful pictures, I wish I could visit this grate museum.

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