Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Glass Museum: Part 2

Here is one of the " glory holes in" the glass museum. The glass is molten in these furnaces. The photo below shows a vessel being formed - in this case reheated. The vessel is coated with many layers of glass in the process and color is added with glass "stringer" at various points in the forming process. Forming the glass in between heatings.
The museum has visiting artists (in this case the man in the light pants and blue shirt whose name I do not remember!). The other three men in the photo are museum staffers - they are SO darn lucky ! They get to work with the visiting artists - what a great was to apprentice !
The blue vessels in the photo's foreground are similar to what the vessel that it being worked in these phtos will look like. They are a speciality of the artist who is visiting.
Below is the dome that vents the furnaces. I think it's an architectural marvel ! I was enchanted with it! Years ago, when the museum first opened, my friend Larry gave me a glass paperweight from the museum gift shop (which is also awesome!). The paperweight is a conical shape and at the time I had NO idea what it was -other than a lovely, useful piece. Now I know what it represents and I love it even more. I really could have spent all day watching these artisans work. It strengthened my desire to work with hot glass once again even stronger !

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Sue B said...

Great post Marie, I'm enjoying this tour of the glass museum :)

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