Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mystery Pod

This is one of the plants that we have in our office at work. This one belongs to my friend and office mate, Helen. We are convinced that this blossom will be a "pod person" ! We've never seen anything like it before and have been following it's growth expectantly. Now, I am sure it is going to bloom this weekend when we are away from the office - so I can only hope that it will be a typically long lived cactus flower and I will get to see it next week! The pod has an almost smooth surface - not hairy really - and has these four little "horns" at the lower edges - you can see them in the photos. Anyone have any clue what kind of flower this will be?


Sue B said...

What a cool plant! I hope you get a photo of it when it blooms.

Michelle said...

Recently found your blog and love your work - especially your gorgeous knitting bags! I hope you get to see this bloom ... I wonder if what you have is a "Huernia" - see this:
and this:

Whatever it is, I can see why you're intrigued!

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