Monday, August 13, 2007

Baltimore Encore

These blocks were started as my homage to Mary Simon - noted designer of Baltimore Blocks.
I started this project with a great group of folks through Quilt Adventures - which is no longer in business. These are designed to be 16 inch blocks - I used all batiks, along with inking and various novelty embroidery threads. I actually have hopes of finishing this project - though I may not use all 20 designs. I'll post more finished blocks. Once again, the colors are deeper and richer "in the real". I have such a kick making these pieces - though they do take a long time !


Deb said...

This is just SO juicy and wonderful. I can hear the sound that redwinged blackbird makes deep in memory.

Haven't done any hand appliqué in a long time. Now I have to cook something up. Thanks.

And how DO you get the little round things to be so Round??

My last piece:

Sue B said...

Marie these are gorgeous! Love them done in the batiks. I'll bet these are stunning in person.

sandra wyman said...

Gorgeous colours - love the fabrics and designs - reminds me how much I enjoy hand applique - and really fancy another crack at Baltimore.

lynda thompson said...

I really love this design and the colors.

judy coates perez said...

these are really lovely. the inking adds a nice touch.

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