Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Two Hot Catz

It's seldom hot enough here to long for air conditioning. If we had any stores nearby, however, this week I would have rushed out to buy one ! Yesterday it was 93F in the house - with every fan we had churning as fast as it could! Today, it is supposed be be hovering around 100F. Tomorrow not much better. Thankfully, the evenings still cool off and I breath a sigh a relief. We should return to our blissfully temperate 70's this weekend. Last evening I enjoyed a free "concert" as I sat on the porch to cool off - someone near the water side of our street was playing some of the sweetest jazz (on an oboe i think) that I have ever heard. I have to locate the mystery musician so I can see if they have recorded music I can buy - yes, it was THAT good !
I also managed to use the hot weather as an excuse to work on beading another birthday project. Photos to follow soon.


Cathy said...

Oh Marie, how adorable! Are either of these babycats featured in your 2006 JQs?
It's swelteringly humid in NE PA too (we didn't put in central air, but sometimes wish we had) -- it'll break soon.
FWIW our little B/W cat loves the heat...our orange longhair, not so much.
Someday soon I'll have a blog!
best regards,

Quail Hill Knits said...

Your cats look like my dogs. Today it was hotter in Washington than it was in Fresno. Hopefully, we will have a cool down soon.

sandra wyman said...

Is this Odie and Bart? (I think I recognise them from your JQs). They look wonderful despite the heat! Over here it's raining - lots - though luckily have managed to miss the floods

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