Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Another Vintage Orphan Quilt

Here is another stunning 1930's orphan. I have a thing for 30's fabrics and quilts. They make me happy and I love the colors and scrappy looks. DH gave me this one some years ago. It is all hand pieced and the colors are still vibrant and the material is pristine and crisp with no fading anywhere. I have been debating how to proceed with this one for as many years as I have had it. I can, of course, leave it as is - a top - and a round top at that ! I can applique the entire edge to a backing and then quilt.....or I can "rectangularize" it and the quilt it. Somehow the "rectangularizing" option seems blasphemous to me though !

The International Quilt Study Center is having an exhibit that began on July 2nd. It is called "Recycling & Resourcefulness: Quilts of the 1930's" - I wish I could go to it - but it's in Lincoln, Nebraska. This group is a tremendous resource for those of us interested in quilt history and their web site has lots of excellent information.

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