Saturday, June 30, 2007

Another Crazy Orphan Quilt

Now that we have at least a bit of good weather in my neck of the woods I am in the process of taking my "orphans" out for their yearly airing and refreshing. This Victorian Crazy Quilt is one of my pride and joys. Scott found it at an auction about 10 years and and presented it to me as a gift. It is is in almost pristine condition. I had it appraised not long after I got it. The embroidery thread is silk - and there are only a couple of pieces of leaded silk that are splitting. This is an unfinished top - beautifully sew. Even the back that shows the stitching is well done and neat. There are quite a few umbrellas in this quilt - you can see one of them in the second photo down. I wonder if this was a commonly used symbol? I had not seen any before. I enjoy taking my time and really looking at this quilt whenever I take it out - ideally I would like to get it framed in a two sided fashion - but the money for this project will take a while to save !

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