Thursday, May 3, 2007

Spring is in The AIr

Spring is finally beginning to show. It's been an up and down season so far. Last week and today we have had thunder storms and pea sized hail - both almost unheard of in our neck of the Pacific Norhtwest. Looking at the trees on the way to work this morning though I could not help but think that no one has bothered to tell Mother Nature that it is still too cold & wet to venture outdoors much. The trees are almost in full leaf. The pear trees outside in the yard are blooming. The leaves on the Hazel Nut trees are coming in nicely. The Wisteria is coming back
this year too - despite an almost total decimation at the hands of falling tree a bit more than a year ago. The same holds true for the weeping golden chain that almost was leveled by that same falling tree.

Every year we wait impatiently to see the new fox kits. The photos above are of "Blondie" and "Dagwood" - last year's kits who we suspect may be the parents of a couple of this years pearl gray & bi-colored "kids". They make us happy watching their playful antics. Fox are beautiful smart creatures . No photos of the new kits yet -- they are still very suspicious of venturing too far from the mouth of their den.

The apple blossoms are coming in too - a sure sign of better days to come. I'll continue to wait for the wet and cold to give way to sunshine , blossoms & some lazy days spent sewing, felting & dyeing outdoors ... listening to the songs of the eagles (nowhere is there a sweeter sound), the strident demands of hungry crows, and spirited songs of the red tailed hawk pairs who wait patiently for their daily feast of the meat market's cast offs. My husband is the pied piper that they have learned to wait for and follow. We are already going through 3-4 quarts of hummingbird nectar a day - that's about the average for May days around here. It's always sad when they leave us in July for the trip back to warmer climes. All's well in the world - SPring is almost here !

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