Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Felted Phone Cover

This past weekend I decided that I had to get that already late birthday present made. I thought it might be nice to finish it before my friend's next birthday rolled around ! I'm not one to wallow in guilt too long I guess. I used a lovely purple pre-felt and Merino wool with a bit of Angelina for a hint of sparkle. It began as a 10 inch square. Shrinkage after full felting is about 3 inches !


Top Photo = Finishsed Front
2nd Photo = Finished Back
3rd Photo = Side view of my Bernina attachment
4th Photo = Front view
5th Photo = Front view of fabric - pre felting
6th Photo = Backof the fabric pre felting
7th Photo = the 10 inch piece being blocked after full felting - now it's 7 inches

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