Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Metallica Obsession Continued -

Another experiment with metal. It began as a sheet of copper colored tin that I sanded down to just a suggestion of copper. I spent way too much time time on this today. I made it once and I disliked the background I used and the spackle backing - that keeps the 'puff' effect puffed - started to fall out. I took it all apart and started all over again. I used beeswax as a filler which worked great and today a bottle of filler paste from MercArt arrived so that will be the next thing I try. It all beagan with a beginner;s set from Walnut Hollow and then I found Ten Second Studio and the most amazing place MercArt. The owner of MercArt, Magdalena Muldoon has written a terrific book that I am learning a lot from - called Metal Embossing Workshop. I am also learning a lot from two other books - "Pewter Plus" by Sandy Griffiths and " Metal Effects" by Cheryl Darrow of Ten Second Studio.

The background that I decided worked best of what I had on hand is from Deco Patch - a division of my favorite paper and journal company, Exaclair. I think the oranges complimented the coppery tone of the metal.  I am still working on the best way to make these cards. Backing the metal requires something that is stiff enough and strong enough to camouflage the inherent irregularities of the the back of the metal piece. There is a trick to make it all smooth I am sure - but I just don't know it yet !

This is the metal piece all on it's lone. I like it - but I have so much to learn and I think that I will keep playing with this stuff - not to the extent that i leave other things behind to do it - but I do really enjoy the effect. Odd - because I am not much of a 'bling' person - and what's more bling than metal?! There is so much to learn and so much to try - I want to perfect puffing and backgrounds .. and general design for that matter! Mostly I need to work on the best way to construct the card so that it is more simple and quicker to make - and have it look cleaner and crisper.

Here's the inside. Cream colored backing over the metal and a nice off white for the greeting that I will add for my friend's birthday. The little  metal patch on the top right is done on metal tape (what's NOT to love about metal tape I ask you?!) and the quote is part of a small poem by Eileen Elias Freeman that says , in part. "...life is a tapestry, we are the warp, angels the west, God the weaver. Only the weaver sees the whole design......


Sandy said...

The flower is wonderful. You are really getting into the metal embossing.

Edzellinni aka Linda Edkins Wyatt said...

Marie, this so uber cooooool! but how do you get the detail in the design that you embossed? the flower and leaf are so beautiful. is it something you sculpted and then embosssed? or did you use some kind of found object, like a fake rose and emboss that? inquiring minds need to know!

Karoda said...

this looks pretty darn impressive!

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