Monday, November 24, 2008

Book Review: Digital Essentials By Gloria Hansen

Like most fiber artists I use my camera extensively and, also like many fiber artists, I use PhotoShop Elements (in my case for Mac). It is an amazingly powerful program, and, as someone who once had use of the full blown version of PhotoShop, I find Elements to be much more user friendly for the non-professional photographer. I have pulled my hair out at time however, trying to figure out some , what I thought should be, relatively simple problems. How do I make a photograph the 'right' size & pixels for entering in this or that show? How can I enrich or distort my photograph if I want to? So many questions always seem to come up when I want to do something specific to a photograph. Although I have quite a few books about using PhotoShop Elements, "Digital Essentials" is the book that will answer all of these questions & so very many more in a very user friendly way! Gloria Hansen is offering a free chapter view and signed copies of her new book - that's a good thing!
Click on the book's title above to have a look.

I have always admired Gloria Hansen's work, both in the quilt world as well as in the digital world. She has always been graciously helpful on the QuiltArt list; answering questions about digital photography & digital photography progams in an always clear and thoughtful way. I always look for her articles first when I look through magazines that regularly, or often, print her column. She has a knack of making the uninteligible clear & understandable. Gloria also has a company that designs websites - and I am so desirous to one day have the money so that I can hire her to do mine! When I win a lottery - that would be one of the first things I would do!

If you have had questions about how to manipulate your digital photographs & operate PhotoShop Elements - or PhotoShop for that matter - then this book really is a must have, essential for your reference library. Kudos to Gloria for sharing her knowledge & for publishing such a fine book! Get it - you won't be sorry!


Vicki W said...

I agree! I have been working my way through this book. It is very clear and instructions for what you want to do are easy to find. It's worth every penny!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review on this book! I love her work, and I would love to experiment with the techniqes. I have PSE, but haven't been able to learn much about using it. Maybe this will be the key!
Have a very blessed Thanksgiving, Marie!

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