Monday, June 9, 2008

Paper Casting

I admire the work of Michelle Ward & just had to join in the fun of the GPP (Green Pepper Press Street Team "Crusades". Last month's Crusade (#20) was paper casting. It was one of those things that looked fascinating & I had to give it a try, albeit the "due by" date is long gone. I am, at least, on schedule for Crusade #21! Paper casting simply requires tiny bits of bathroom tissue - or a mix with paper towels in my case - to be macerated in a blender with water and then cast onto (or is it into?!) a shape. I used an angel mold that usually hangs on the wall. I love the unpainted version of the angel- and am still not sure what I think about the painted one. I also made some moons, suns & faces from polymer clay molds. It is a very simple, very fun technique. These Crusades that Michelle posts are really a lot of fun - so I encourage anyone with a yen a play a bit to check out these projects. Hey ! It's only one a month and they are always lots of fun!


michelle ward said...

Yay Marie! Glad you join in on the casting crusade. LOVE that angel all in white. A little varnish and an eyelet and she's a xmas ornament! The colored is nice too. Great mold! I've added your link - the (C20) just indicates that you are participating with the earlier challenge. Welcome to the team!

inge said...

hello Marie,

your papercasting looks perfect ! the details come out very good. If I may speak honestly I like the uncolored angel the most although you painted it perfectly ! Maybe It's because the white is more subtle , more aetherical ?..
How did you color the papercast ? The colors look so bright ?

Inge ( from belgium)

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