Sunday, January 2, 2011

The SketchBook Challenge. Highly Prized=Nbr 1 on 01.01.11

In addition to the two ATC groups that I am in I enjoy choosing a couple of other artistic commitments for the year. Things that I know will keep me thinking and experimenting and can be done as quickly or as slowly as I choose. This year I am going to do the Sketchbook Challenge - complied under the auspices of some well known mixed media mavens - and open to all I should add. I find mixed media to be fascinating - something that at one time I swore I would never be interested in! What have I said in the past about never saying never?!

The first challenge was posted yesterday and the theme was "Highly Prized". On my shirt list of highly prized things is the simple beauty and simple pleasure of nature. This journal page was made with a preserved leaf, white birch paper bark, black lutradur medium weight, paper cast face, metal foils,  crackle medium, acrylic paints in fine gold and celedon and gesso. Writing on paper birch bark is, by the way, silky and lovely. I need to find a source - since this was bark I had previously purloined from a bevy of beautiful trees on another island. 

The other thing that I plan on working through is a series of online mixed media classes presented by Strathmore Artist Papers. My friend Sandy mentioned it to me and, of course, I had to check it out. This is also open to everyone and free of charge. Strathmore papers are truly an excellent resource - I've used their card blanks and water color pads for years. I am still waiting for my 'registration' to be acknowledged. Hopefully that will be once the regular work week begins.
I want to continue to expand on the fun I am having with metals this year and actually do come more quilting.... I am planning on better health and more energy! The only class that I know I am going to participate in is a color theory class from Gail Harker in the Fall. 

What's on your agenda for this New Year? How will you continue to challenge yourself and your art making? Goals? I don't make resolutions any longer - I find that the concept of setting a goal works better for me.


Jeannie said...

Marie, send me your snail mail address and I will send you some birch bark. We have 3 jackmonti birches and they shed their beautiful bark all year.

Sandy said...

You are off to a flying start. That's a wonderful page.

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