Monday, December 27, 2010

What Does Trash Mail and ATC's Have In Common?

I am slowly moving my artistic impedimenta to another, dare I say larger, table in the living room. Scurrying up the ladder to my 'creative space' is not as easy as it was pre-surgery so the entire house has bits and pieces of my tools and supplies scattered about at the moment.

There are two ATC groups that I always try to keep up with -I allow myself no excuses - so in between the effluvia I managed to make these ATC's during the holiday. The 'theme' was "Trash Talkin' The Mailman"..... using what things that would normally be classified as trash that arrives at your door by way of the mail. I don;t think that this was my best effort - but we try not to have 'do-overs' and so these are what I mailed off.
My favorite part of mail is stamps - and colored envelopes - so of course those two elements were the focus of my cards. I painted the ground with black acrylic - and experimented with Art Spectrum's Color Fix paper- which really did make a difference in the way the black paint covered the ground. I have to order some more when I next visit Mr. Blick's fabulous art emporium. "Mountains" made from envelope pieces, the "full moon"  fashioned from foil lids and the "stars" made from foil cat food lids. I added non-trash items too - the copper foil edges and glitter in the "night sky".
 I am always curious about different people approach their art making. Generally I have a faint 'seed' of an idea, but I don't know what will happen until I sit down and start working with the various bits and pieces. Most often I end up with something that is decidedly different from the original 'seed' thought. Very occasionally I sketch something out - but I don't seem to work well that way. I have to have the various bits and pieces in hand in order to plan a design. I know many people who are able to sketch out an idea and go with it. It would make life easier if I could do that I think - but it just doesn't work for me most of the time. How about you? How do you approach your art making?

This was a wonderful 'book' year. My friend Janet gave me a wonderful book from an author that I was unfamiliar with. It's a book that I would most likely have not bought for myself - but am loving. Patti Digh's "Creative is a Verb". Have a look at her blog for some inspiration!

Sarah gave me another excellent book that I had never heard of "The Daily Book Of Art" - some very good inspirations in the pages of this little gem! Maria sent "Anam Cara" - a book that had been on "must read" list for some time. It went along wonderfully with my calendar of choice for this year "Celtic Wisdom".  I think that my friends are hard pressed to surprise me with books - but these were indeed a wonderful surprise. 

Hopefully, by the next post my work space - and therefore my mind - will be a bit tidier. I wish I could afford to get some good organizational furniture and bookshelves - maybe this year I will save some money (ah! there's a good concept!). 
I wish you all a very Wonderful New Year - one that is filled with the solace of laughter and good health and the blessings of joy and peace - with prosperity thrown in for good measure!

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Sandy said...

Garbage/Treasure is truly in the eye of the beholder. When DH found the tea bag I was letting dry, so I could show a friend how to empty it to get paper to use, he just shook his head.

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