Monday, December 6, 2010

What Became Of The Mystery Material?

Remember when I posted the mystery material shown in the first photo? The addition of gesso and acrylic and watercolor paint brought it to the next step in photo two. It's a base of very old cotton, tissue paper in white and light brown, cheesecloth and couched white yarn that is free motioned 'painted'. Photography in the dead of a Pacific Northwest winter is a challenge. I should have taken my light frame out to take the photographs but I was rushing to get these overdue cards enveloped and in the mail for this morning - so I took the lazy gal's way out. Sorry for the highlights !

One of the two ATC groups that I participate in used a "Typography" them for this month. So the rectangle of this fabric became those cards. I used Tim Holtz grunge board painted with Golden Fluid Marcasite paint to make the letters from a variety of shapes and sizes. Japanese text made from washi paper and then I added a metallic accent. The source of the metal is really fun but the answer to what that material is has to wait until next month - because the next theme just happened to be the perfect venue for this material
I used watercolors to enhance - or highlight - some of the places on the cards. It was pretty clear that a dab of a contrasting color really improved the look of the cards. Without it they were softer feeling and, as much as I strive to work with neutrals and soft colors it seems I am always looking for a way to punch it up a bit. Maybe I need to do a study of taupe or greys and get adjusted to a softer palette. That could be my New Year's resolution - that and not seeing any more doctors other than for wellness checks this coming year!

The holidays are almost here and I am in NO way prepared. I have my cards but they need to be written and addressed. I always try to order them in October - and I was not too late in accomplishing that yearly goal this year despite being almost unable to type at that point in my recovery! A day at time....oh yes, that's another thing I need to cultivate. Patience!


Jeannie said...

Wonderful ATCs, Marie! When you learn to cultivate patience, let me know. I need a few seeds of that also. Hope you are recovering well.

lisa fulmer said...

gorgeous - what a fun ATC group too - can I play? :-)


Hi Marie,
wish you a wonderful christmas and a happy new year,

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