Saturday, October 9, 2010

Trying To Get Back In Gear

I'm trying to blog this from my IPad - so it's a bit of a test of the program. I am also feeling lazy. I'll be happy if it works and will post the name of the app if it does !

Two friends and I went to Roslyn, Washington of "northern exposure" fame last Saturday. We had a lovely time. The Crazy Quilt Shop there, run by a lovely person named Nancy is the perfect getaway. The cottage next to the shop that is used for retreats is an old, beautiful cottage of 85 years.

Since returning home the weather has turned rainy, windy and cooler - typical late October weather for us. Dh is home also and so I added the rest of the week to vacation and have been enjoying resting, napping and not getting much done.

I did take a lot of photos. The town of Roslyn has a very interesting history and some amazing cemeteries that I could have spent hours in. I just got the photos uploaded on my 'real' computer so I will be posting lots more about the this lovely jaunt I enjoyed.

I was really pleased to get this rest before surgery this month. It's been a lovely respite. Hopefully I will get some cards in the post and finish up a couple of projects before I have to go back to work next week. I have not taken such a "do nothing" little vacation and it feels so nice for the moment to not 'have' to do anything but knit, doze and enjoy listening to the rain!

What 's your favorite kind of vacation? What relaxes you the most?

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Jeannie said...

I am so happy that you had a restful vacation. I love the Oregon Coast. We stay in an old cottage from the 1900's and the only decisions I have to make is what/where to eat and which direction to walk. Pure bliss.

Karoda said...

do nothing vacations are my faves...watching grass grow, watching water flow, and day dreaming...your quilt retreat looked very rejuvenating and I'm glad to know you are resting and creating...take it easy when you return to work too.

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