Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More About Roslyn Washington

 For any of you Northern Exposure Fans this is one building that you might recognize. It's still clear and bright but the restaurant was closed the whole time we were there. Ostensibly the building/restaurant is at least partially owned by a member of the rock group U2. No one seems to know what the father of this remarkable landmark will be.
 The Brick watering hole may also be familiar from the show. We walked past it and I could not bring myself to go in to eat there as it reminded me of the smell of a local place at home that I won't go into although it does, in fact, make the best burgers in town - and it may well be that The Brick also makes great food!
 The main street
 Roslyn has long been a mining community - fabulous bits of history of of mixed cultures blending together peacefully (for the most part) and working together.
 Cowboy time
 The most interesting place in Roslyn is the Historic Cemetaries. I found the following synopsis of them on Wikipedia - and the information is the same as from the book I bought about Roslyn:

"...The Roslyn Historical Cemetery, actually 25 separate but adjacent cemeteries, was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978. Clustered on 15 acres (61,000 m2) of woods and hills above the main street, the land was donated by or purchased from the Northern Pacific Company by fraternal, ethnic and civic organizations for burial of their deceased members. The Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF); Knights of Pythias Lodge; Soloka Lodge; Wanapum Tribe 28, Improved Order of Redmen; Cacciatori D’Africa (literally Hunters of Africa – an Italian Lodge), Croatian Fraternal Union Lodge No. 56, SNF Lodge No. 79 (Croatian); Saint Barbara Lodge No. 39 (Greek Catholic); and Dr. David Starcevich Lodge No. 56 (Croatian) are among the organizations and ethnicities represented in this cemetery. At least 24 nationalities are represented within the nearly 5000 graves...."
Some of the markers were quite amazing - for many differing reasons. I wish I had been able to spend some hours there with a pad of tracing paper - rubbings of some of the stones would have been great to bring home!
 I loved this metal, aged cross....
 Interesting inscriptions...
 I think that this was meant as a temporary substitution plaque for the beautiful marker. The cemeteries are undergoing a great restoration effort - we all contributed something to their fund
 I just thought that the old world influence on this marker was lovely
 Beautiful gates surrounded some spots - This whole gate was a lovely work of art!
 This marker just about said it all to me.... a dove flying free beyond the gates
 Primitive but moving - and obviously old
 Simple and cared for
 Fancy, newer but lovely. There were, unfortunately 
many, many markers of infants and very young children in this acreage.
Epidemics were rampant I gather an many died in the Pandemic Flu season of 1918.
Most of the children's markers included lambs

 This garden was absolutely unbelievable. I couldn't believe that there was so much color left at this time of year. The woman who lives in this house is not only a master gardener extraordinaire but also a fan of Halloween I think!

 Even the sign post by her property was decorated!
 This building was one of my favorites in the town. It did not seem to contain anything but it enchanted me. Next store is a wonderful little art galled called, simply enough, Smith Art.  The wonderful woman who owns the gallery wanted to buy my shawl of many colors - my simple triangular shawl made from my Noro Kureyon scraps. Maybe I will make her one one day!

 This necklace was at the gallery and I have to say that I have never seen silver work as mind blowing as this. No, I was so thunder struck that I did not even get the artist's name. Apparently she works full time but creates these fantasies in her spare time. I wanted this necklace so badly I could scream --- along with a pair of her earrings. I think I am too short to be able to carry off the regal flair of this piece but it was just so awesome that I had to at least have a photo of it to drool over at home !
 If I can find her card I'll post the link later.
Next up - finally - will; be some of the new metal worked cards and "inches" for a swap. I have been working on...and a fabulous, simple shawl pattern from Berroco that looks way more difficult than it really is! I am running again against the clock. Surgery a week from today- and then time to get out from beyond the ether when I can get to work again !


Karoda said...

That necklace is a 5-star on the drool meter and yes I can understand your scream urge...thanks for the virtual vacay ;)

phonelady said...

I love love this post . I also was a northern exposure fan and am a fan of rob's new show the whole truth excellent show . It reminds me of the show on a few yrs back called justice on the fox network in fact it has a former justice star on the whole truth check it out sometime it is awesome , one of the few shows I like this fall .

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

I love your pictures. I like to add pictures to my blog too. I just had to pay $5.00 to Blogger because I ran out of my space for photos. I was given 1 gig and now have 20 gigs. I'm sure I'll fill that up pretty soon.

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