Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tales of Papers, Inks and Finding The Perfect Journal. Thanks Exaclair!

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I have reviewed the Quo Vadis Habana journal in the past. It has become my favorite journal for general use. When friend Karen from Exaclair asked if wanted a new colored plain Quo Vadis Habana journal I say "of course". She asked if I wanted raspberry, lime, red or black. Of course I chose Lime. What I did not know until it arrived that it is so much better than just lime. The color is called anise green and it "the" green that makes my heart sing. This plain paper journal is 6" X 9" and contains 80 sheets of Clairfontaine premium 90 gr paper. Totally yummy stuff to work on! Clairefontaine makes - IMHO - the best of the best papers for writing, drawing, painting, sketching etc. They are also, in a world that sometimes seems mad with unending waste - very environmentally correct. They manufacture their own papers made only from sustainable forests. and are PEFC  rated. The Habana journal's cover is made from a silky smooth material that feels warm to the touch. I love it!. The corners are rounded- another small detail that I love, it has an elastic closure (color coordinated of course!) and an expandable pocket in the back of the journal for all of those little bits of ephemera that you always seem to find along the life's way

Knowing that I go through sketch pads at a sometimes alarming rate Karen also graced me with a chance to have a look a Clairefontaine sketch book too. This book (8.5" X 11") is filled with 160 pages of 90 gr lovely white  paper - it's great for all general sketching and mediums and even will handle a light wash with something like watercolors - which I am know to spritz about with wild abandon at times - who needs hair color if one has a watercolor spritz?! (only joshing!). While it is true that I am indeed grateful to be able to review Exaclair products my being enamored of them has ONLY to do with their superiority and excellence. My opinions on not biased - if I found anything wrong or inadequate I would chime in....I just have nothing but praise. If you are looking for fine art papers - go with Calirefontaine. Need a new journal, blank, lined or day planner style? - go with Rhodia, Quo Vadis or Exacompta. For any paper need Exaclair offers a superior product that will suit. They also market my favorite fountain pen inks - J.Herbin. Who can;t get excited about glorious colored inks made by a French company that has been in business since 1670?!

Speaking of inks and J.Herbin - here is their newest ink - an anniversary issue called, simply enough, 1670. It is a deep rich red. I could not wait for it's release here in the states so I had to order it from France directly. Problem is that I hate to break that authentic looking seal! Think of all the history that this company has endure and prospered though. Amazing! Unusual and wonderful!


Karoda said...

Hi Marie, I do take your reviews to heart because I really see you as someone who channels her energies very intimately with your art tools and make exploring appear as the sheer joy it can be!

Penny said...

You make me lime green with envy. You are a lucky lady. I just bought a Journal but nothing as wonderful as yours.

Jeannie said...

What a beautiful bottle of ink! I would have a hard time breaking that seal also. Thank you so much for your reviews. Not only are you honest in your reviews, you also generously share what you do with the products. I go to the website and drool at the lovely pens, papers, and inks. I wish those lottery numbers would hit! LOL! Wishing you a warm, sunny day.

phoebe said...

Oh, the bottle of ink is sooo cool! I would probably just leave it on a shelf to look at and admire instead of using it--it's lovely!


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