Monday, August 9, 2010

The Sock Thief and A New Painting

Our Tillie - who at the end of this week will have shared our home with us for four months, has a newly discovered talent. Sock thief! I keep my socks in a large basket in my bathroom - since it's always been a convenient place for me to keep them. Lately I have found trails of  socks though coming from the bathroom to the living room. At first I thought that it was a simple matter of maybe dropping laundry along the way to returning it to draws and baskets. Now I have discovered that is Tillie - the sock thief. She plays with them and I often find them trailed from bathroom to bed when she is cozied up next to a pair or two! She is really beginning to become herself now. Although she is still skittish she has started really exploring the rest of the house - and is slowly assimilating herself into the entire house. I think that she will, eventually, become house queen and will make herself comfortable everywhere - though I think it will take some time to get to that point and I think that she will always be a bit skittish with new people. She has developed a fondness for thinly sliced deli turkey and DH spoils her with it and she cries so piteously every time he walks in the door - like she is saying that I never feed her during the day when he is gone! We love her a lot and she was a great family addition!

This a new mixed media piece that I had been working on - highlighting a favorite 1994 quote from E.E. Freeman. The Clairefontaine watercolor paper background (one of my favorite cold pressed water color papers) was textured with a gesso base ,stamped with a variety of text and letter stamps and then covered with Japanese lace paper. I used PanPastels - YES! they really are truly unique and wonderful- for the face and hair, some special decorative paper for the shirt, embossed metal for the earring and a Pitt Marker in brown for the lettering that I over-wrote with Ziller North White ink to tone the darkness in the lettering down just a bit. Ziller ink is, by the way, really lovely ink - sort of a cross between ink and thin gouache or acrylic. I love it!

I've been fulfilling some obligations for ATC's and doing some extra book reviews that were - and still are - long overdue - which is why I have been a bit quiet around here. I see the doc on 8/31 and plan to have the second surgery as soon as I can. My plan is to enter 2011 as pain free as i can be!! I will be back with some new art/fiber work and some book reviews of some wonderful new textile books. Hope You all have week filled with love, laughter and a touch of magic too !

In a close up so can see the texture of the background a bit better. The PanPastels are a bit less transparent than the photo seems to show. They are, as I mentioned a very cool new art medium that I am glad I ended up taking the financial plunge and trying. I have decided that my over riding desire is to return to England and Italy while I am still young enough and soon - I hope - pain free enough - to return to all of the places that I want to see again - and some newly added must sees too! So what small amounts I can save now will be spent less on new fun supplies than I am used to. I need a bit of travel in my life - it feels like such a strong pull to me -  and I think that ,artistically, the places I want to go to will really be a boost for me too!

Here you can see the small, embossed earring and the texture and over-layed stamped letters and text


sandra wyman said...

Hello my friend - how lovely to see Tillie again (she could be worse - we have a cat over here called Oscar who has made news for being reported to the police for stealing undies from washing-lines!). She's looking very contented. And so good to see you getting back into your stride (I trust your surgery was successful?) and producing beautiful work once more. I'm off to Festival of Quilts next week for my annual fix, including masterclass with Rayna Gillman whoo hoo...!

Laura said...

The amazing Marie strikes again!

Jeannie said...

Tillie is looking so happy. I am sure if she could type, she would tell us how fortunate she is. I love the new mix media piece. Take care and here's to a "new" you in 2011 or sooner!

WildmanDesigns said...

I love what you're doing with your art these days, Marie! Glad to see you're feeling better and able to spend more time doing what you love.

phoebe said...

Tillie is such a cutie--what beautiful blue eyes, too!

Our little furry friends, sure enrich our lives, don't they? =)

pupchick (lover of 4 cuddley doggies, and 1 calico cat who rules over all)

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